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The hybrid or all-electric vehicle is in full swing, the electric core of these vehicles is extremely complex and its qualification requires a complete instrumentation, with high power involved.

Puissance Plus is constantly developing its skills in this field to support the evolution of products and techniques.Our basic building blocks (machine emulator, network emulator and battery emulator) coupled with the real-time simulator, allow us to offer complete and powerful solutions, whatever the scope of the emulated or simulated part.

In addition, a series of products specially designed for this field allows the coverage of the normative test (LV124 ...).



Energy: Grids

The revolution in the production and distribution of energy is a major challenge for the future. The multiplication of the production points (photovoltaic, wind, offshore) and the "electronic" nature of these new means, as opposed to the traditional means which are based on rotating machines with high inertia, call into question the stability of the networks. to a greater or lesser extent. The study of these phenomena is therefore widespread.

In this context, Puissance Plus offers source and load emulation means suitable for terrestrial networks worldwide: 110V 230V 270V 400V 690V in a frequency range of 40 to 70 Hz (fundamental). The majority of these sources are linear technology and thus allows accurate and faithful emulation of any type of network. The propagation time between the pilot signal and the output physical parameter is usually a few microseconds, this point is essential to guarantee the stability of the complete system: measurement-computation-emulation.

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Energy: Electrical Safety

Qualification or testing of electrical protective equipment requires the implementation of extensive skills:

  • In mechanics to operate or rearm products
  • In power electronics to generate stimuli (voltage / current)
  • In analog and digital electronics for the measurement part
  • In computer science for command control and automation of resources

Puissance Plus implements all its resources and offers turnkey solutions, from the simple power generator to the most sophisticated test station and for current ranges from 0.5 to 4000 amperes.

Battery Test

In an increasingly electric world, the battery is a major component of many systems.
The diversity in terms of voltage, power, capacity, constantly requires the adaptation of test systems and emulation.

Puissance Plus offers a range of sources and loads that can adapt to future technology thanks to modularity or extended voltage / current. Always looking for the best performance, our "HP" (High Performance) loads offer unparalleled power density for air cooling. Finally, the ergonomics of the touch screen, integrated in most products, guarantees easy handling in the service of your productivity.


High power and high maintenance level are two major requirements of the railway sector.

Puissance Plus offers sources specifically designed to emulate the various networks as well as powerful and robust test systems to meet the requirements of maintenance workshops.

Our equipment are architectured around proven functional bricks, guaranteeing their longevity.


More and more electric aircraft, a growing power onboard,  and the diversity of the onboard networks, induce in Aeronautics increased needs of different types of sources or loads.

To meet the specific requirements of a binding environment, products must have special features that are not covered by COTS products.

Puissance Plus offers equipment designed to meet the requirements of the most stringent standards and that can be adapted to your application. Specialist in the supply of flight or ground test systems, our range will allow you to finalize a complete installation.


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