Converters for Aeronautics

Puissance Plus proposes a large range of inverters and converters developped according to Aeronautics requirements, civilian and military, requiring high liability, stability, accuracy, and pure output signal. As well for a use on ground as for equipment embedded in test aircrafts. Our converters allow a protection against disruptions on  grids:

• Network interruption
• Voltage drop
• Voltage increase
• Line noise
• Frequency variation
• Transient distortion
• Harmonic distortion
• DO 160 qualification


Three phases converter DC-3xAC



Wide input voltage range

Wide output voltage range

Rated power: 6kW

Programmable output frequency

Configurable control law



Three-phase inverter

Asynchronous motor control

Download here the datasheet of our three phases converter DC-3xAC

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